Friday, September 12, 2008

UN chief lauds China for "good examples" in economic development

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Thursday spoke highly of China's "good examples" in terms of economic development, urging the world's largest developing nation to share its experience with other developing economies.

As one of the fastest growing economies, China has shown "many good examples," Ban told a press conference at the UN Headquarters.

"These examples should be shared, transferred and emulated by many developing countries," he said.

The secretary-general said he was "very much encouraged and grateful" to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who has agreed to attend the UN high-level meeting on the Millennium Development Goals slated for Sept. 25.

Representatives from some 150 countries, including more than 90 heads of state or government, are expected to attend the event, which will be convened by Ban with the aim to generate further actions to reach the MDGs by 2015.

"I sincerely hope that member states will learn and China will be able to share their experience," he said.

Stressing that China's commitment to participating in MDG realization will be "crucially important," Ban noted that China has been hosting a forum on China-Africa cooperation for many years.

"They have been providing necessary economic and technological cooperation to many developing countries, and this is what we expect from other countries too," the UN chief added.

September's high-level meeting will be the first summit-level gathering on the MDGs since 2000, when world leaders committed to the goals laid out in the Millennium Declaration.

Source: Xinhua

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